Infinite Engineering HK Limited is a consultancy firm specialising in civil and structural engineering, providing all-encompassing services ranging from minor works jobs to large-scale Highway projects. Our qualified engineers are dedicated to delivering the most optimal solutions, and we aim to support your project from the initial stages.



1. Structural engineering consultancy

We provides advice and support for the development and realization of new project ideas. Consulting professionals work with problem solving and help recommending the best course of action for a given initiative. While working towards solutions, investors, clients, and project developers must check and ensure that project ideas are viable. It is critical that they also identify the technical, operational, and economic constraints of a given project prior to making investment decisions.


2. Geotechnical engineering

To provide geotechnical consultancy service and geotechnical investigation, analysis, design, construction supervision and project management.


3. Project & construction management

• Addition and alteration works (A&A works) to the building Any person who intends to carry out alterations and additions works is advised to consult Building Professionals for advice and make formal application for approval and obtain from the Building Authority under the Buildings Ordinance. (e.g. constructing a new extension, vertically or horizontally, to an existing building)

• Architectural builders works and finishes design (ABWF) for exterior wall (cladding, façade), glass eaves, glass railing, false ceiling, counter top, raised floor, dry wall partition, wet trade, plastering & screeding, blockwork, tiling, tonework, painting etc.

• Minor works including site supervision
Liaising with Building Department on behalf of clients, providing adequate solutions and proposals, documents; plan submission and handling minor works submission; furthermore, site work execution; supervision as well as reporting completion to the Building Department.

E.g. Class 1 Minor works including Subdivision of a flat (Subdivided units) , air-conditioning racks, structural addition and reconstruction works, such as staircase etc.

 • Handling various kinds of building order by Buildings Department
e.g. Statutory removal orders of unauthorized building works (UBWs), Mandatory building inspection, Mandatory Window Inspection etc.

• Old building maintenance and refurbishment services


4. Others

• Installation of Solar panels - Photovoltaic (PV) systems

We have key competency in solar consulting and engineering services. We providing full-service due diligence services, from feasibility analysis and design through to implementation, optimization, and management of photovoltaic (PV) systems. To provide a review of the proposed solar project with an evaluation of the technical design to verify compliance.


• Interior decoration services

We also provide interior decoration and repairs services. In order to let the customer fully understand and preview the design concept, our In-house 3D rendering team generates photo realistic images to facilitate the communication between the customer and designer before we build.

The goal of the company is to provide consistently high quality, reliable and cost-effective service with innovative designs and solutions to our customers. Whatever stage of development your project is in, concept, feasibility, engineering and design, construction, or start-up and commissioning, we have the expertise to provide your solutions.